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Come out and ride with us, because that's what we do!
Whether you live in the area or are just visiting Boise and looking for a group to ride with, we'd love to have you join us on any of our rides! Check out the weekly schedule below, join us on FACEBOOK, brush up on Group Etiquette and the fun rules to live by (see the links below) and we hope to see you out on a ride soon!


Please see description below for each ride regarding distances and average mph pace.

Tuesday Hill Climb: Tuesdays at 6 PM - LuLu's Pizza – 2594 N Bogus Basin Rd Sep 10 A standard Dump Loop with a twist: We'll take off from Hill Road and have NO collection points so everyone can test their best time! I'll sweep
Wednesdays at 6 PM - tbd   

Thursday Night Social Ride:  Thursday, Sept. 12 at 6 PM  - Fort Street Station. Rolling at 6 p.m., Fort Street Station

Saturday Road Ride:  Saturdays at 8 AM – LuLu's Pizza – 2594 N Bogus Basin Rd – weather permitting

Note: Saturday Road Rides will start at 9 AM beginning September 7!

Sunday No Stress Ride:
Sunday, Sept 15th 11am - Bardenay's in Eagle.


There's always something fun coming up!

September 22 - Club Members end of summer party (invitations via email)

September 7 – LOTOJA (UT to WY)
September 20-21 – Salt to Saint
September 21 – Coeur d’Alene (ID) Gran Fondo
September 21-22 – Moab (UT) Fall Century Tour

Dates tentative and subject to change.



Our motto is "leave no one behind" and most of our group rides are no-drop.


Tuesday Hill Climb: For anyone who wants to improve their climbing skills on the Dump

Loop, Bogus, or Willow Creek routes. New routes coming this year! 

Wednesday Mountain Bike Ride: An old favorite back this year. This ride will usually leave from the North End and will feature routes for all skill levels.

Thursday Social Ride: Our most popular ride of the week! Pace range: 16 to 18 MPH* on mostly flat roads. Distance: 20 to 25 miles. Social ride followed by dinner and drinks at a local watering hole. Perfect for new riders or those that would like to check out the club.

Saturday Ride: Our most aggressive ride of the week. Pace range: 18 to 22 MPH*. Rolling hills possible. Distance: Anywhere from: 34 to 100 miles. Group typically starts together and then breaks into two groups about 20 miles into the ride. The “long” group pedals 65 to 100 miles, and the “short” group typically rides 34 to 65 miles.

Sunday No Stress Ride: An option for new riders to get some saddle time in a no stress environment. Two groups - Group 1 "No Stress" - Pace range: 16 to 18 MPH*. Distance 20 to 30 miles. Group 2 "Slower No Stress" - Pace range: 10 to 16 MPH*. Distance 10 to 20 miles.

*Average speed





Lactic Acid Cycling supports participation in recreational cycling through our organized rides,

cycling event participation, and charitable activities. LAC promotes riding behavior that is

safe, law abiding, and nurturing to all participants while also providing social opportunities that help build our Boise community.

Brush up on your Group-Ride Etiquette here. 

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